It’s Laser Season! Skin care tips pre & post laser resurfacing.

It’s laser season! Fall & Winter is when people often contemplate resurfacing treatments to remove sun and environmental damage brought on by time spent outdoors. It is a great way to more deeply smooth out skin texture and acne scars, diminish lines/wrinkles, lighten or remove sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation. Resurfacing laser treatments work by heat and go …

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March brings us “International Women’s Day”

At Esthetic Formula we want to help you celebrate women everyday. What helps a woman’s skin stay soft yet firm?  Estrogen is a female hormone that maintains collagen production, moisture retention, skin elasticity & thickness. When it depletes during menopause collagen production is diminished which leads to dry skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, thinning of skin …

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Winter Skin Rejuvenation

NeoGenesis and Microneedling are a perfect match. Home derma rolling may be done more often than the professional microneedle treatment so the proper home skin care routine is vitally important. Home care can be simple! There are 3 necessary steps: 1) Cleansing the skin 2) Using the appropriate serum 3) Moisturize the skin One of …

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