About Us

Our Philosophy:

To provide high grade professional skin care through thoughtful formulations based upon vast years of experience, insight and chemistry knowledge.

Esthetic Formula products are formulated and made in the USA in our manufacturing facility located in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. Our extensive product line has been formulated and developed by Sarjula M. Sanghvi. 

We offer all types of products that are designed to treat a variety of skin care problems. We specialize in skin treatment products that are available exclusively to skin care and medical professionals. These products are available in several different levels of potency so that we can meet specific skin care needs. In addition to our excellent products, Esthetic Formula provides a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs and timeframes of our clients.

  • Concept Development
  • Custom Formulation
  • Stability Testing
  • Assistance with packaging, labeling, design agencies
  • Private Label Filling
  • Drop Ship Capabilities
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Quick order fulfillment times

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality of products that are safe and effective. Our commitment to excellence, providing quality service and the highest quality assurance standards in the industry have contributed to our continued growth and success and the loyalty of our clientele over the years.

Our Timeline

Our Team

We introduce our amazing chemist Sarjula Sanghvi, MS. 

Sarjula is the CEO of Prestige Cosmetics, Inc.and Master Chemist for Esthetic Formula, Inc.

She is an internationally renowned chemist for over 50 years. Her experience and excellence are unequal. She made her start at the University of Tennessee and has a double masters in Organic and Inorganic chemistry. From there she worked at large, well-known cosmetic companies like Givenchy and Max Factor and honed in her skills. A few years after moving from New Jersey to California,  she started her own cosmetic production lab. She certified her lab with the FDA and from there took off in production of all products. With a specialty in acne treatment products she gained a well earned reputation for being an outstanding formulator. She created Biofreeze, now an internationally used pain relieving gel. For her clients, Sarjula  developed custom formulations for new skin care lines for in clinic use and for retail. 

Well known in the industry, clients from all over the US and the world began to order from her. She officially started the Esthetic Formula brand in 1995 where they continue to service small businesses, day spas and salons and med spas that are the backbone of the beauty industry.  With a full line of skin care from acne care, anti-aging products, solar care, and post dermatologic treatment care products, Sarjula continues to provide innovative formulations and products for her clients. 

Let’s meet Priya Sanghvi, BA, MBA

Priya is the President of Esthetic Formula, Inc. Priya joined the family business in 1994 and helped to launch the Esthetic Formula brand alongside her mother, Sarjula. They have been working together for the last many years.

Priya created the customer experience to help simplify the process and order products easily. With the goals to turn around product orders as fast as possible and help maintain a high quality, high grade skin care offering, Priya’s oversight is essential to the business.

Priya has an insight and knowledge of the skin care industry that helps clients feel supported and enabled to grow their businesses. She brings confidence and caring into the business and has been an integral part of it’s growth.

Meet Suzanne Sanghvi Gokel, BS

Suzanne is the newest member of the family to get involved at Esthetic Formula, Inc. Her role as Vice President at EF is in marketing and health/wellness.

Suzanne brings the innovations of Silicon Valley into the mix with an eye on trends and customer demands. Her background in health & wellness provide insight into consumer interests. She also works with new estheticians and helps to support clients towards growth and product development.