Masks can be used to assist in the treatment of problem skin or simply just to tighten, exfoliate, or hydrate. Several different types of masks are available to suit your needs. Discontinue use if any signs of irritation appear. Avoid contact with eyes.


Hydrating Biological Mask

A non-drying, water-based, nutrient mask that adds moisture-building factors and antioxidants to dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and mature skin.

Sulfur Mask

A therapeutic mask specifically formulated for acne prone skin. It is made with Sulfur, which helps to breakdown black heads and whiteheads and also acts as an antibacterial agent. Sulfur causes skin to dry and peel, allowing for the regeneration of fresh, new skin. It also contains Bentonite and Kaolin, which help to draw out impurities and clear the skin of excess oil and dirt. This mask is used to reduce inflammation of the skin, fight bacteria, absorb excess oil and exfoliate dead skin cells. If skin feels too dry or uncomfortable, follow application with a small amount of Acne Moisture Balancing Cream.

Sulfur Mask w/Eucalyptus

This anti-inflammatory mask is our Sulfur Mask blended with Eucalyptus oil, used for cooling and calming oily/acne skin. Excellent for treatment. Sulfur helps to stimulate and heal, while Eucalyptus oil is used for aroma and cooling. If skin feels too dry or uncomfortable, follow application with a small amount of Acne Moisture Balancing Cream.


Cucumber Mask

This light gel mask, made with natural plant extracts, is designed to hydrate and calm the skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

A spicy gel mask that is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, while also hydrate and tighten the skin. This product is formulated using natural pumpkin enzyme to create a powerful exfoliating action and deliver the botanical repair benefits of pumpkin deep into the skin.

Soothing Thermogel

This water-based soothing mask is designed for all skin types. It is very hydrating, cooling, and moisturizing.


Exfoliating Enzyme Mask (Powder)

This powder, formulated with natural fruit enzymes Papain and Bromelain, can be made into a mask of desired consistency by mixing with Papaya Gel, to create a combination enzyme treatment used for removing dead epithelial cells and for hydrating and deep cleaning the skin. It is also used to soften follicular blockage (comedones, black heads, and milia), which can facilitate extractions. Treatment helps to speed up the natural skin renewal process, leaving skin smooth and supple.

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